• Since 1997 I have provided guitar instruction to students of all ages, styles and abilities in the greater Orlando area.
  • Proprietary lesson materials are employed to address the specific needs of the individual student rather than using one size fits all method books.
  • Lessons are offered through Music and Arts, located in Sanford and Orlando.
  • Lesson materials may be purchased on the “buy” page.
  • I am available for teaching clinics which I will customize to fit your needs.
  • Clinic topics are not limited to but may include: playing techniques, music theory, how to solo and improvise, how to manipulate gear to replicate famous tones, guitar and cab miking, mixing and recording techniques.
  • Please contact me to inquire about availability, instruction method or any lesson and teaching clinic questions you may have.


  • I have been a studio session guitarist since 2000, working in all stylistic genres and mediums (including TV, radio, film, video games, albums, and multimedia attractions).
  • I have access to an extensive collection of classic guitar effects, tube amp, cab, and mics to absolutely nail the elements required to fully realize your vision.  The sonic depth, mojo, and quality of real gear, will separate your project from the crowd in ways that digital models and software plugins can’t.
  • I have access to a studio with a live room suitable to recording loud amps if this is not possible in your studio. 
  • Within the greater Orlando area I will travel to your studio upon request.
  • Long distance (virtual) recording sessions are also an option.
  • Please contact me to book sessions or to inquire about the process.


  • I have composed, performed, and recorded original music for a variety of projects (including film, multimedia attractions, corporate videos, and gear demos).
  • I can compose in any style and instrumentation.
  • My specialty is guitar based music (across all genres), sound alike music, and modern non traditional music featuring unconventional tones and elements that are unrecognizable as specific instruments.
  • I have access to a pro studio, real guitar gear (pedals, amp, cab, mics) and amazing local players to capture stand out performances at the highest fidelity.  Real gear and musicians will give your project the edge, in comparison to music assembled with sampled instruments and digitally modeled tones.
  • Please contact me to commission a composition or to inquire about the process.


  • I have served as producer for local artists, as well as self produced (and engineered) my own music and projects for clients.
  • My knowledge of dialing in amps, mic placement and selection, mixing, engineering, and crafting the perfect part can transform a simple idea into an impactful musical statement.
  • My knowledge of famous signal chains (i.e. guitar, amp, cab, effects, mics) that created the sound of a specific era or genre of music, will help you to achieve the proper interpretation of your music. 
  • Upon request I will contribute my performance and gear to the recording session.
  • Please contact me to discuss producing your music.


  • I started performing in 1998.  My playing experience encompasses every thing from playing in pit orchestras, to rock and jazz bands, to solo events.
  • I am a skilled sight reader, including traditional notation and jazz (lead sheet) notation.
  • I am a skilled improviser and soloist.
  • I can adapt to any playing style or musical genre.
  • I am versed in every guitar technique, including non traditional playing methods.
  • I specialize in instrumental guitar music that crosses all genres and playing styles.  I will tailor the music to fit the needs of your event.
  • I am available as a solo act with detailed backing tracks or additional instrumentalists upon request.
  • Please contact me to book an event.


  • I have transcribed professionally since 1997.
  • I transcribe for virtually any instrument and genre. 
  • My specialty is deciphering complex guitar music, nailing the smallest details that even official transcriptions miss. 
  • Please contact me to enlist my services or inquire about transcription.